Other Funding

Many public and private funds are available in Canada to film producers. The Alberta Media Fund may be used in conjunction with other provincial and federal incentives.

Alberta Foundation for the Arts - Film and Video Projects

Individual artists and non-incorporated groups can apply for the film and video project funding through the Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA).

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Cultural Industries Organization Project Grant

Emerging film production companies that are incorporated may qualify for the Cultural Industries Organization Project Grant.

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Community Initiatives Program

The Community Initiatives Program (CIP) provides funds to enhance and enrich community initiatives throughout Alberta. The program is intended to reinvest revenues generated from provincial lotteries in communities, to empower local citizens, and community organizations to work together and respond to local needs.

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Federal Tax Credit Programs - CAVCO

The Canadian Audio-Visual Certification Office (CAVCO) co-administers two federal tax credit programs with the Canada Revenue Agency:

  • Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit
    To be eligible for the CPTC, the applicant must be a Canadian-owned, taxable corporation that is primarily in the business of Canadian film or video production.
  • Film or Video Production Services Tax Credit
    To be eligible for the PSTC, the applicant can be either a foreign-owned corporation or a Canadian-owned corporation that is primarily in the business of film or video production services.

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Canada Media Fund

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) champions the creation of successful, innovative Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms through financial support and industry research.

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Telefilm Canada

Telefilm Canada offers funding through the Canada Feature Film Fund and Business Development Programs.

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Astral Media - Harold Greenberg Fund

Astral's Harold Greenberg Fund/Fonds Harold Greenberg is a national funding organization that supports the development of Canadian English-language and French-language dramatic feature films. The Fund helps support story optioning, script development, equity investment and industry initiatives.

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Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund

The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund advances the Canadian broadcasting system by encouraging and funding the creation of excellent Canadian digital media, promoting partnerships and sustainable businesses in the broadcast and new media sectors, engaging in research and sharing knowledge and enhancing the national and international profiles of industry stakeholders.

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CTV Television's BravoFACT (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent) has distributed tens of millions of dollars in grants for the production of thousands shorts across Canada. The shorts cover a range of subject matter and styles. Sand animation to opera; modern dance to short dramas - the variety is as endless as the creative talent in Canada. Emerging and recognized filmmakers are encouraged to apply for grants.

Bravo!FACT's objectives are to:
  • stimulate public interest in Canadian excellence in the arts
  • encourage the creation of new ways of presenting the arts on television
  • increase public recognition of Canadian artists and their works
  • provide professional opportunities for film and video-makers

In September 2013, bravo introduced bravoFACTUAL grants to be awarded by the bravoFACT jury for the production of short form documentary projects. Selected projects will be eligible to apply for up to a maximum $50,000 in production funding.

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Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund

The Canadian Independent Film Video Fund (CIFVF) is a private sector funding body that supports non-theatrical film, videos and new media projects created by Canadian independent producers to enable lifelong learning. The CIFVF is unique in focusing on the non-theatrical market. A broadcast licence is not required in order to apply to the CIFVF for funding. The CIFVF assists projects that have been unable to attain the required level of broadcast licence fees to be eligible for Canadian Television Fund (CTF) or Telefilm funding. The CIFVF provides financial assistance to independent producers for the development and production of English and French language films or videos and interactive digital new media programs in a variety of subject areas using the formats of documentary, docu-drama, drama and animation to inform, educate and/or instruct.

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COGECO Program Development Fund

The COGECO Program Development Fund provides loans for the development of dramatic television series, mini-series, and movies-of-the-week. It also provides equity financing for the production of mini-series, movies-of-the-week and pilots for dramatic television series. Development loans are also available for production companies with a slate of feature films in development.

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Independent Production Fund

The Independent Production Fund (IPF) provides equity investments to encourage the production of prime-time dramatic series and dramatic children's series, produced by independent Canadian producers for private sector broadcasters, in English or French. The IPF's Special Project Grants program supports professional development activities for not-for-profit organizations that undertake training and promotional programs to further develop dramatic production skills and recognition.

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National Film Board (NFB)

The NFB Canada's public producer of artistic, inventive and socially relevant audiovisual content. They engage with a variety creators, filmmakers and other media artists, in the production of POV documentaries, auteur animation and original interactive digital content for all platforms including mobile and the Web. Learn more about the NFB's various programs.

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Last reviewed/revised: October 26, 2017
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